I’ve Seen All Good People

seventyShaun Ralf McMillan Carrie

I never tire of sketching little people. I went for a vaguely themed one this time, using some 70’s photo reference for inspiration, though there’s plenty of anachronisms/artistic liberties. Next one will be a proper themed one, at a larger scale.

Sorry for the ugly scan artefacts at the right edge, I can’t get my sketchbook to lay flat on my scanner.


3 thoughts on “I’ve Seen All Good People

    • Almost none! Half the fun is coming up with all the characters and poses, it really tests your imagination. Although, I have to say, I used a few pictures as inspiration for this particular one. For example, there’s a Kraftwerk reference here, and some other random snippets from some of my favourite 70’s musicians. I should do a proper tribute image sometime…

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