Stressed Out


I hope you are enjoying a nice holiday. These people aren’t. Two quick illustrations for the Effie Awards, reminding us to vent our frustrations once in a while and get on with the work.

Another nice collaboration with artbox | centre for creation.


Excruciating Pink


I seem to have a thing for rendered figures against single colour flat backgrounds. Is it a medieval influence? Minimalism? Laziness? Whichever it may be, here’s my pinnacle of overpowering colour blocks so far. Originally a brush test from (once again) Kyle T. Webster’s excellent Mega Pack.

Portraits for Histor

Histor5Histor6 Histor4 Histor3 Histor2 Histor1A few portraits I was commissioned for by Histor, the dutch paint brand. They have a special team of style advisers, people who can help with picking colours for your home. And with the vast array of colours to choose from, with such incredible names as  ‘eyelash’, ‘promise’ and ‘unexpected’, you might just need their help!

Concrete Johnny




A series of illustrations I made for the dutch organization Jantje Beton. Their mission is to get children excited about playing outside instead of staying in. To achieve this, they invest in new playgrounds, local projects and campaigns. I had great fun working on these!




A few images from a recent pitch for a pretty big client. Some of the most commercial and simplified work I have ever done probably, but a wonderful learning experience for sure. I found my satisfaction not so much in the subject matter, but playing around with limited palettes and shapes. Stripping down the process has been one of the most beneficial things I have done the past year or so. I still enjoy getting fussy and detailed, but I feel the focus has shifted from stacking details upon details to a more cohesive approach. A little more structured.