RezhaAlFarfallaBurzicAlFarfallaNiluferAlFarfallaMeet the cheerful Farfalla family, a dynasty ruled by blood, gold and fear.


Le Bon Sauvage

Finally, a somewhat darker offering. After all these candy-coloured digital drawings I really felt the need to get a bit more gritty. That’s why I’ve been having fun with regular old pencils lately, preferably in the 4B-and-below range. I couldn’t help resorting to some digital manipulation afterwards though…


Excruciating Pink


I seem to have a thing for rendered figures against single colour flat backgrounds. Is it a medieval influence? Minimalism? Laziness? Whichever it may be, here’s my pinnacle of overpowering colour blocks so far. Originally a brush test from (once again) Kyle T. Webster’s excellent Mega Pack.



A quick animation test. It turns out Photoshop CS6 is actually well equipped to handle animation, even if it’s a little rudimentary.  I already have an idea for a series of animated illustrations that I’d like to work on, so there’s certainly more moving images in my future. Below is my favourite frame out of this little loop.