This animation was a blast to work on! I did all the artwork for this, and Woodwork studios brought it to life. And a great job they did!

Below are some of my favourite stills and characters designs.

GunfightStill4 GunfightStill3 GunfightStill1 GunfightStill2 GunfightChars1


Mural Timelapse

Here’s a sweet timelapse video of me painting a mural at the Artbox office some time ago. The whole painting was built around three pre-existing animal head sculptures. I had a blast working on this, and it’s even better to have it all documented this way. Thanks guys!

In Memoriam


A D&D picture in remembrance of a brave and foolish soul, who charged recklessly into a dark room unknown and met his demise at the eager hands of a hundred hungry spiders. You will be missed.

The Eternal Return

Hello again,

after a long silence on the Internet Front, I am still well and truly alive. I’ve been busy with a lot of projects that were and are under NDA, and there’s been a lot going on. I’ve worked on a big animated movie as a background painter, did animation for an international documentary production, and most of all, begun work on a short animation of my own (and two dear colleagues). Lots of animation, and that is most certainly a good thing.

Oh, and I went on an epic journey through India.

I expect some of that previous work to trickle into this space soon!



Two illustrations I did for a book called ‘Zacharias’, a collection of images inspired by a short story by Dutch writer Ingmar Heytze. The book was put together by my friends the Coffin-Boys. It was great to work on this project, and try out some new semi-analog techniques. I also made a pretty nifty pack of cards for the Zacharias exhibition held at Blackbird Coffee in Utrecht. I’ll make sure to post some pictures of the full set soon!